Step by Step Eye Make Up Tips

Newbie to the fine art of eye shadow application? Well, here are some eye make up tips to get you started.First off choose a proper eye shadow color. This can be a little tricky especially if you are not familiar with the tones and hues that would flatter your face. Earth tones work for any skin type and if your skin tone is on the warmer side, beiges, gelds and browns are your best bets. Pretty much the same rule applies to people with cooler skin tones. The cool colors would include the grays and the blues. But remember, if you have dark circles beneath your eyes do not use dark eye shadows as doing so would only bring attention to the dark circles giving you a raccoon-like look. These are just simple eye make up tips for choosing a color that’s perfect for you. You can also base your choices on your eye color. For people who have blue eyes choose shades that contrast your eye color like pale pinks. This color would really make the color of your eyes pop. Green eyed people look amazing with brown eye shadow on but if you want to go for drama, choose a dark purple eye shadow and that would surely bring intensity and depth to your eyes. For people with brown eyes, opt for gold or copper eye color as the sparkly flecks in the powder would make your eyes shimmer. Remember to avoid matching your eye shadow to your eye color. Some people often make the mistake of doing this thinking that this would be flattering but on the contrary it doesn’t. Experts who would give eye make up tips always say that contrast is the key. So choose a palette with a variety of hues ranging from the cold to the warm so that you can experiment with color and shades to see which one suits you best. With the variety of eye shadow types available today, you can now create your own looks without professional help. Look at the trends. Recently we have seen resurgence in the metallic eye shadows as well as the smoky eye. Here are a few eye make up tips to help you achieve these looks even without professional help. All you need are the right colors, the proper tools, a bit of pointers and of course mucho effort from you. Ready? Let’s first start with the more natural looking style. For this, use a pale or a skin toned color shadow which has no shine or shimmer to it. For your base color choose a beige shadow and apply this starting from your eyelids to your brow bone. Blend it outward with a large bristled eye brow brush. Next, apply the slightly darker color to the crease of your eye lid and then blend it downwards. Lastly, apply a lighter beige color underneath the arch of your brow. That’s it! With constant practice you’ll soon find it very easy to follow these eye make up tips.

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