Building a Better Relationship with Money

Let’s put the romantic notion about money aside, yes success is not about how much money you can accumulate, it is something specific and unique to each individual. However money does buy us a lot of the scarcest resource, namely time. If we are able to accumulate enough money, we are better able to free up time to spend with our families, learn more, assist more people to grow and expand, to travel and to see the world. So whether you love or hate money, you most certainly need it, to live a better quality of life, where you have time to do the things that matter to you. What is your relationship with money? Do you have enough to satisfy your needs and those of your family, or are you trapped in a never ending cycle of debt and a shortage of income?  Jim Rohn said it so well when he said, “Your net worth will seldom exceed your self-worth.” As long as you continue to allow yourself to limit your self-belief and you maintain a picture in your mind that you are not worthy, especially on a subconscious level, you will continue to struggle to accumulate monetary wealth. The easiest way to fix your money problems and your relationship with money is to look at how you feel about money and more importantly how you feel about your own value. Do you see yourself as being worthy of accumulating great wealth or are you filled with self-doubt, where you undervalue yourself and constantly sabotage everything you do? Your attitude about money and your mind-set about your own intrinsic value are the two factors that will determine whether you consistently draw money to yourself or whether you continue to repel it away from you. In a very simplistic fashion, the size of your monetary wealth or the size of your wallet is determined by the quality of your thoughts. If you do not value money and you continue to undervalue your own self-worth, you will remain trapped in a never ending cycle of lack and shortage. Stop viewing money from a negative perspective and stop undervaluing your own self-worth. Examine your relationship with money by asking this simple, yet profound question. “I live in an era of unprecedented wealth and unlimited opportunity, where more people have become financially independent in the past 20 years than during any other time in history, Why haven’t I”?  Explore your answers and see what they reveal to you about your fears, doubts, excuses, rationalisations, limiting beliefs and justifications. Armed with the awareness, that was revealed by how you answered the question above. It is now time to begin to reprogram your mind and to change your beliefs around money. If you are struggling to accumulate monetary wealth, I am certain that you have a subconscious negative belief about money. The beliefs you hold about money date back to your early childhood conditioning, where the people around you tried to rationalise their own lack of money, by telling you that people with money were manipulative, conniving or just simply bad. I am sure you have heard the phrase “Money is the root of all evil”   Nothing could be further from the truth, “Money is in fact the root of incredible Goodness” Look at all the good Bill Gates is currently doing around the world. He is building hospitals, shelters for the poor and assisting numerous charities around the world. Imagine all the good you could do if you saw money as a vehicle for doing good and helping people around you. The more money you have available to you, the more good you are able to do. Make the shift today and start to see money for what it is, it is simply a vehicle that allows you to enjoy more time with the people you love, a way to have a better quality of life and a medium for helping as many people as possible. For you to get more money does not mean that someone else will have to have less, we live in an abundant universe, where money is granted to the creator, the person that built something where nothing existed before. Commit to change your thoughts, feelings and actions around money, begin to see money for what it really is, merely a vehicle to use in the most productive fashion, to create abundance for yourself and everyone around you. This shift will allow you to stop sabotaging yourself and instead of constantly pushing money away from you, you will begin to attract more to you. Change your attitude toward money and live in an abundant mind-set, where you see abundance all around. This positive mind-set changes the way you think, talk and act and stimulates your inner creativity. As you become more positive, ambitious and you have an abundant mind-set, you will get to associate with similar people. These likeminded people that will be attracted into your circle will obviously bring new opportunities and better circumstances into your life, which in turn will set you up to grow your wealth even further. You can and will achieve great monetary wealth, if you are willing to change your thoughts around money and discover your true intrinsic value.

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